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Embarking on the journey of writing newsletters

Newsletter No. 1 - sent on December 12, 2023


For quite some time, I've thought about how to create this newsletter and pondered its purpose. Why add another newsletter to the mix?

I want to  share my passions, endeavors, and hopefully, inspire you. The challenge lay in navigating the landscape of branding, influence, and influencers, unsure of how to authentically present myself without segmentation or compartmentalizing what I do. I've opted for a fresh approach, striving to encompass many facets of who I am. 

Crafting this newsletter has become a mini-journey in itself – a quest to make it easy, enjoyable, and purposeful. I've also heeded the advice of colleagues who urged me to articulate my professional narrative cohesively. Yet, my professional pursuits intertwine with my daily life. Art blends with travel, teaching merges with artistic endeavors, nomadism weaves through storytelling and cultural background with language exploration. 

In my life-journey, I encounter extraordinary individuals – artists, urban gardeners, forward-thinkers, and more. I want to share these stories, inviting you to events and gatherings, encouraging you to imagine possible worlds.

In my world, performance art and body inspired art, drawing, collage-making, puppetry, artist's books and moving images coexist. Collaborating with artists and non-artists alike, I receive commissions from organizations that believe in my work. I teach almost every day and travel for long periods of time. My identity as a Russian, Mexican, New Yorker, and border Juarez-El Paso person has profoundly influenced my worldview.

This newsletter embarks on an experiment of eclecticism. I hope you find it interesting, relevant, useful, and, above all, inspiring.

Consider this newsletter an introduction or reintroduction to my artistic, pedagogic, and nomadic practices. Monthly or Bi-monthly, I will share upcoming events in art and Spanish learning, past, present, and future projects, weaving them into the tapestry of creative practices, pedagogy, and nomadism. Moreover, I'll highlight the projects of remarkable artists, thinkers, and cultural workers contributing to a better world.

Life is a process, isn't it? I invite you to join this new part of my journey.



This summer I was a nomad for four months straight. I learned many things, met amazing people and saw interesting places. In upcoming newsletters I will share some of my reflections on what it means to live on the road.

In this pictures I am at a friend's wedding in Nice, France. Noelle is an amazing artist and activist and I would like to share her work her work with you too.


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