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Day of the Dead: Journey of the Senses

Day of the Dead: Journey of the Senses is a magical 7-day experience at the heart of one of the most important celebrations in Mexico. This program is done in collaboration with artist and researcher Scarlett Mizraim. We offer a unique combination of activities to the participants - lectures on the history and mythology of this celebration, sensorial workshops on the scents, sounds, images and tastes of day of the dead, visit to Alebrije maker and off-the-grid community activities. We first take a journey up to a high region on the mountains of Oaxaca to San Pedro Cajonos, a Zapotec village where we spend 4 days, invited by the community we take part in their yearly preparations which lead to the big celebration on November 1st and 2nd. We visit dance and music rehearsals, go to the children’s parade, we help make masks for children and we enjoy the delicious food made by Lupita. The other 3 days are spent exploring the contemporary side of Dia de Muertos, as we descend back to the city. In Oaxaca, we visit the main cemetery, enjoy mezcal tastings, we visit the main market and learn how to make mole in a privately hosted cooking class with Gaby. On our last day we visit the famous all-male Muerteada in San Agustin Etla, an explosion of dance and sound where two neighborhoods compete and parody death. Finally, we visit the archeological site of Mitla, the land where the dead rest. Throughout this journey participants kept a journal and marked their experiences with text, drawings and collage.

Description of Summer Art Program:

This program brings together two artist-run spaces located in the heart of Oaxaca and three amazing artists. We offer two workshops: printmaking and fresco painting, pick one or both. Learn about the materials, techniques and process of etching and aquatint as well as fresco painting, one of the most antique ways of painting, each workshop is 20 hours long. Included in the program we offer a selection of free one-day art and craft workshops as well as Oaxacan cuisine, museum visits, and day-trips to archeological sites. This experience is for anyone who wants to experience Oaxaca’s rich culture and at the same time engage in artmaking with talented artists. Workshops are in Spanish and English.

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